FilConn, Inc.    

Manufacturer of custom aerospace and military spec grade specialty connectors.

FilConn specializes in precision high reliability filtered, EMP suppression, and custom configuration connectors for the Mil-aero, medical, transit, and oil/gas industry.

Their primary focus is fulter and transient suppression connectors, but they make a wide range of unique devices that are engineered for specific applications.

A 25 year history of unique designs, short lead times, and competitive prices.

Quick Lead Times.

The filter connector industry has a history of custom designs, long lead times and slow time to market. At FilConn they have taken specific steps to reduce lead times and increase product time to market. FilConn has developed unique agreements with their key component suppliers. These agreements reduce product lead time and allows them to deliver filter connector products quickly and efficiently.

Custom Connector Products

In addition ot offering filter connector and transient protected products, FilConn, Inc. also offers a wide array of custom connector products. Their engineers have the knowledge and tools necessary to deign custom connector products that meet specific customer needs.